We offer top prices to companies and individuals interested in sustainable development and proper disposal of various end-of-life materials. The key activity of Metlux recycling is collection and recycling of secondary raw materials. To suit you best, we perform accurate evaluation of your material that is followed by competitive price offer.

Prices are normally offered on daily basis with respect to current metal market situation. We can come to collect material or you can bring your material to our facility. We are glad to offer you the most acceptable payment method with short payment period. 

Ceramic and Metallic catalytic converters (Petrol & Diesel)

Alloy Wheels

Oxygen Sensors

For all types of ceramic and metallic catalytic converters we offer two types of purchasing:

Direct purchasing

  • The converters can either be collected at your place or handed over at our warehouse.
  • On site evaluation.
  • Transparent, consistent grading of your catalytic converters.
  • Full amount paid immediately on site or via bank transfer.
  • Friendly and profit-building relationship with a professional and dedicated catalytic converter grader.

Direct processing

  • The converters can either be collected at your place or handed over at our warehouse.
  • Based on visual assessment we pay up to 70% of the estimated value instantly.
  • Accurately determining quantities of platinum, palladium, and rhodium in your lot requires two to five working days, after which the remaining payment can be done immediately.

Metal Prices








We are a young company that has been working hard to grow, that has earned customer loyality and is steadily developing it turther. We commanced our business in year 2016 and we are proud oft he rapidly growing circle of customers.

The main activyty oft he company is purchasing and recycling of automobiles and industrial catalysts. We also buy alloy wheels and oxygen sensors.



To provide quality services that meet the expectations of our esteemed customers and form long-term industry relationships with our partners.


  • Working as team together with local communities.
  • Using the latest and environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Keeping our promises to customers, employees and families.

Core values

  • Treating our customers with respect and trust.
  • Integrating honesty and ethics into all aspects of our business practices.

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